Plug and Play – Simplified

Our plug and play feature can be a key element to any customer who is looking to enhance their devices with Ionix HPZ and who currently uses a PZT ceramic. Here is a quick explanation as to why that is!

Ionix HPZ has a comparable density and speed of sound to PZT and therefore ceramics / crystals / element have a similar size and shape. This means there is no need for a radical sensor redesign as the finished product is the same, you can simply take PZT out and put Ionix HPZ in its place, minimising development time and complexity.

Additionally, there is no need to redesign electronics as HPZ has a comparable sensitivity and performance to that of PZT. Ionix HPZ piezoceramic can also add additional benefits such as a higher and lower operating temperature and increased toughness meaning your devices could be used within extreme environments providing more opportunities and access new high value applications.

The manufacturing process for HPZ is exactly the same as that of PZT, making our technology entirely transferable.

You can see why Ionix HPZ is referred to as “plug and play”. If you’re using PZT, you can easily transfer to HPZ as Ionix HPZ matches the form, properties and manufacturing processes of PZT.

For more information on our Ionix HPZ piezoceramic features contact someone from the ceramics team today:

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