Our Expertise

Ionix is uniquely qualified to create custom piezoceramic compositions and components in our high-tech manufacturing facility. We have a team of specialist material engineers who have decades of combined R&D and industrial knowledge ready to find your solution.

Our Team

Dr. Tim Comyn

Technical Director

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    Over 20 years’ experience in the design, development and synthesis of piezoelectric materials.
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    Extensive experience in characterisation techniques including X-ray and impedance analysis.
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    Piezoceramic materials innovator with multiple worldwide patents.
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    Extensive catalogue of peer review journal articles on functional materials

Dr. Peter Cowin

Ceramic Operations Manager

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    Practiced chemist with research and industrial experience across a wide range of applications
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    Quality Manager delivering ISO 9001 to piezoelectric ceramic production and development
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    Significant experience and expertise in the synthesis and development of novel piezoelectric materials and processes.

Prof. Andrew Bell FREng CEng FIMMM

Professor of Electronic Materials & Director

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    Awarded a 5 year EPSRC Established Career Fellowship to develop functional materials for additive manufacturing
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    Elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering 2016
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    Received the IEEE-UFFC Ferroelectrics Recognition Award in 2012
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    Awarded the IoM3 Verulam Prize and Medal for distinguished contribution to ceramics
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    Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and a Senior Member of the IEEE
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    Published over 200 peer reviewed journal articles on functional materials

Dr. Tim Stevenson CEng FIMMM

Chief Executive Officer

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    Awarded Gold and the title of “Early Research Career Engineer” at SET for Britain, Westminister in 2011 for impact on UK research.
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    Named top 35 under 35 Materials Engineers in the UK, by the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining.
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    Visiting Senior Research Fellow in Materials at the University of Leeds
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    Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and a Chartered Engineer.
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    Significant experience in the measurement & characterisation of piezoelectric materials at high-temperature.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Our production facility can produce a wide range of geometries of piezoelectric ceramic, including discs, plates and high-temperature shear bars. We also have the expertise and equipment required for multilayer actuator production and encapsulation. Ionix also developed a proprietary process for producing conformal piezoelectric coatings directly onto metal, and methods of bonding dissimilar materials, for use at elevated temperature.

Powder Production

Ionix manufacture a unique ceramic composition for extreme environments and have developed bespoke systems for client requirements.

Disc/Bar Manufacturing

We produce a wide range of standard discs and bars to enable your piezoelectric application.


The Ionix team can synthesise custom stacks for your high-temperature application.

Complex Geometries

The unique fracture toughness and temperature resilience of our materials allows complex geometries with fine details to be synthesised.

Integrating the Product

Raw Materials

Ceramics Components

Sub-component Manufacture

Sub-assembly Manufacture

Ionix have experience of manufacturing piezoelectrics, from ceramic production through to device construction, and can help tailor the properties of materials or components for your application. We have the flexibility to integrate into any stage of the supply chain and development of specialist components for various applications is part of our remit. The bonding and device production expertise developed by Ionix has been utilised to facilitate integration of piezoelectric components into a number of novel high temperature devices.

Our R&D Archive

Our team has published over 100 papers and journals related to ceramics and materials engineering. Have a look at our archive of papers.

(2021) Comyn TP; Cowin, PI; Stevenson TJ; (2021) High strength piezoelectric materials for extreme environments. IEEE Sensors 2021. 10.1109/SENSORS47087.2021.9639604

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(2015) Mostafavi E; Ataie A; Ahmadzadeh M; Palizdar M; Comyn TP; Bell AJ (2015) Synthesis of nano-structured Bi1−xBaxFeO3 ceramics with enhanced magnetic and electrical properties. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 162 , pp. 106-112.

(2015) Le Goupil F; Bennett J; Axelsson A-K; Valant M; Berenov A; Bell AJ; Comyn TP; Alford NM (2015) Electrocaloric enhancement near the morphotropic phase boundary in lead-free NBT-KBT ceramics. Applied Physics Letters, 107 (17), ARTN 172903.

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(2015) Bennett J; Shrout T; Zhang S; Owston H; Stevenson T; Esat F; Bell A; Comyn T (2015) Variation of piezoelectric properties and mechanisms across the relaxor-like/Ferroelectric continuum in BiFeO3- (K0.5Bi0.5)TiO3-PbTiO3 ceramics. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, 62 (1), pp. 33-45.

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(2015) Bennett TP; Shrout TR; Zhang SJ; Mandal P; Bell AJ; Stevenson TJ; Comyn TP (2014) Temperature dependence of the intrinsic and extrinsic contributions in BiFeO3- (K0.5Bi0.5)TiO3-PbTiO3 piezoelectric ceramics. Journal of Applied Physics, 116 , pp. 094102-1-094102-9.

(2015) Stevenson T; Martin DG; Cowin PI; Blumfield A; Bell AJ; Comyn TP; Weaver PM (2015) Piezoelectric materials for high temperature transducers and actuators. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 26 (12), pp. 9256-9267.

Organisations and Partners

Bespoke Manufacturing

With our advanced ceramic manufacturing facility, we can manufacture piezo-electric materials to order, tailoring their performance for activity, temperature operation, strength or other properties.