Next Generation Lead-Free Piezoelectric Materials

Ionix has begun the development of the next generation of lead free piezoceramic materials to address the challenge of potential future RoHS lead exemption reviews banning the use of lead in a wider range of applications. There are currently no suitable lead-free piezoelectric materials for many critical devices and as such now is the time to explore alternative solutions. 

Ionix HPZ

Ionix HPZ piezoceramics, assemblies and solutions level up sensors, actuators and devices to access new and challenging applications and markets. Working with industry partners, Ionix will be developing a range of lead-free HPZ compositions to address key applications and devices. 

Applications and Industries: 

Uses: Ultrasonic Sensors, Flow Meters, Accelerometers, Micro-Actuators, Level Sensing, Passive Sensors and Range Sensing  

Industries: Oil & Gas, Process Control, Nuclear, Energy, Automotive and Aerospace. 

Lead Free Consortium

Ionix will be working closely with key partners to tailor the performance of the lead-free materials to meet their specific application requirements. Early access to the final materials with the potential to input on their specification is being delivered through an end-user consortium. Consortium members have the opportunity to: 

  • Guide the material development specification.
  • Gain early access to materials.
  • Access the Ionix ceramics and lead-free knowledge base with contributions from Professor Andrew Bell.

Contact Ionix to enquire about joining the consortium:

Creating the next generation of lead-free piezoelectric materials

Ionix has over the past 10+ years developed a new family of low-lead piezoceramic materials, HPZ, for use in extreme environments and challenging applications. Ionix has unique processing capabilities which are ideally suited for the next generation of new, groundbreaking, materials and will apply this knowledge to the fabrication, manufacture and industrialisation of high performance lead-free piezoceramics. 

Key features include: 

  • Scalable manufacturing process
  • Tunable properties 

Ionix provides design, integration, testing and manufacture of: Piezoelectric components, custom assemblies integrated into your devices and complete device solutions. 

The current generation of low-lead HPZ offers:

If you are interested in participating in our lead-free consortium, contact us today:

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